At Clinical Allergology reception room, up-to-date diagnostic tests, treatment and prophylaxis are performed with patients, suffering from allergic disorders – respiratory allergies (allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma); ophthalmic allergies; foodstuff allergies; medication allergies; insect-bite allergies; skin allergies, etc.

• Skin-allergic samples with allergens – household, pollen, epidermal, foodstuff and insect allergens. Blood tests (examination of specific IgE antibodies) for detection of allergic sensitization.

• Pre-operative testing with anesthetics, myorelaxants and analgesics with risk patient and administration of pre-operative anti-allergic preparation.

• Skin-allergic samples with iodine-contrast substances when performing image tests – computed tomography, nuclear-magnetic resonance


• Administration and carrying out allergen-specific immunotherapy (specific hyposensitization).