Нашата политика за бисквикти


In order to be sure that you receive the most appropriate information and the best services, when you visit the pages of our website (hereinafter called for short “the Internet pages” or “the Site”), information and data will be collected by means of use of the so called “cookies”. This also facilitates us (as well as, third authorized parties) to provide you with a personalized experience, when visiting our Site. Apart from that, this allows us to improve our services and make sure that you will easily find what you are looking for. We would like that you understand the manner, in which we use these technologies, therefore, this Policy for Cookies explains the types of technologies we use, what they do and your choice regarding their usage.

What are the cookies?

The cookies are small bits of data, which are sent to your browser from a web server and are stored in your device, so that the site can recognize your computer. There two types of cookies – permanent and temporary or “session” ones. The temporary cookies are stored as a file in your computer or a mobile device for a long period of time. The session cookies are temporarily placed in your computer, when you visit our Site, but they disappear, when you close the page, which means that they are not permanently stored in your device. Most companies use cookies on their sites, in order to improve the usability. The cookies cannot harm your files or increase the of viruses for your computer.

We can use the following types of cookies:

Essential cookies

These cookies are strictly essential, in order for the site to perform its functions. We use such cookies, for example:

* in order to establish the authenticity and personal identity of our consumers, when they make use of our Site, so that we can provide our services to them;

* in order to be capable to adhere to our General Terms and Conditions and to maintain the certitude of our services.

Performance and functionality cookies:

These cookies are not strictly essential, although, they allow us to personalize your online experience with our Internet pages. We use such cookies, for example:

* in order to remember your preferences, so that it will not be necessary for you to enter every time information, which you have already provided (for example, when you enter your data for access to our services);

* in order to collect information about the manner, in which our consumers use our services, so that we can improve our Site and our Services, and to conduct marketing researches (for example: information about popular pages, browsing habits, number of clicks, number of times being shared, likes of  a given page, last visited pages, voting in the commentaries).

Advertisement cookies.

We use such cookies, for example:

* in order to obtain information about the manner, in which you use our Internet pages, as, for example, pages that you visit, or how you react to advertisements, in order to provide you with advertisements, which are appropriate for you;

* in order to determine the most popular parts of our Sites;

* in order to monitor the use of our services and our Sites (frequency and time);

* in order to monitor the success of a given page;

* in order to determine how often you and the other consumers visit our Site;

* in order to conduct inquiries, so that your interactivity with our Site to be improved.

Often, the purpose of such cookies is placement of advertisements, which are appropriate for you – both in our Sites and outside them. Such type of advertisements is known as “advertisement, based on interests”. Many of these types of cookies belong to our providers of services.

Session cookies.

It is possible for us to use session cookies, as well, for example:

* in order to allow you to move among the different pages in our Site, without the need to log again. This practice is known as a “single sign-on”;

* in order to recognize you, when you return to our Site to make us of our services;

* in order to store the answers of an already filled-in inquiry (and you do not to have to fill in the inquiry form multiple times).

How do we use the cookies?

We use the information from the cookies, in order to make our Internet pages more pleasant and user-friendly.

Third-party cookies:

We use some cookies of third parties as a part of our services. These cookies are managed by the respective sites and not under our control.  Below, the cookies of third parties, which we use, are listed, some of which can be excluded, by means of the general settings of your browser. For others, it is necessary to visit the respective sites and to follow the instructions provided.

Adwise – collects anonymous data, in order to feature individually targeted advertisements – to be more competent, visit this link:

Adsense – shows news in accordance with the consumer.

Google Analytics – in order to generate statistics of the traffic on the sites and the sources of traffic, as well as, for conversion of measuring units and sales – for rejection, see here:

How to delete cookies?

You can choose whether to accept cookies or not, on your own accord. If you want to know when your computer receives a cookie, you can set up your browser in such a way, so that it will notify you about that. Thus you have the opportunity to choose whether to accept or reject a given cookie. Your computer can be set up to reject all cookies. If you want to know how to do that, visit Please, bear in mind that the changes in your browser, which deactivate the function for cookies, may prevent parts of our Site to function properly.

Changes in our Policy about the Cookies

All future changes in our Policy about the Cookies will be published on this page.

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