The main goal of the Anesthesiology and intensive treatment ward (AITW) of MHAT “Avis Medica” is to provide hospital services contributing to the utmost degree to the process of healing, rehabilitation and stabilizing of the patients condition as well as prevention of disabilities and premature death.These goals are achieved by performing the assigned functions (as part of the hospital’s functions) and developing certain interconnected processes carried out by the ward.

Main functions of AITWО:
Diagnostic and healing functions such as:
• Providing all kinds of anesthesia and anesthetic techniques (general, local anesthesia) applied on all patients indicated for medical activities (surgery and other healing and diagnostic procedures) including:
- adequate and safe anesthesia of patients needing surgery in the surgery, orthopedics, ENT and gynecology wards.
- providing sedation, analgesia and some innovative methods of diagnosis in the imaging ward.
• complete Cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
• Intensive treatment of patients with impaired basic life functions (breathing, blood circulation).