The Department of Cardiology at AVIS MEDICA Multispecialty Hospital has 12 beds in rooms with central air conditioning. The setting in the compartment is cozy and modern. The basement of the compartment consists of rooms with two, three and four beds with a private bathroom. The compartment has a central oxygen and vacuum installation with corresponding oxygen supply and aspiration attachments to each bed; each bed is connected to an individual alarm system; monitors with alarms, defibrillator; infusion pumps; an intubation kit and emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation; ECG apparatus, portable X-ray apparatus, assisted breathing apparatus.

In the Department of Cardiology of AVIS MEDICA Hospital are diagnosed and treated patients with all cardiac and vascular diseases requiring medical treatment - Ischemic heart disease - incl. her most severe manifestation, namely acute myocardial infarction, valvular diseases, inflammatory diseases of the pericardium and myocardium, rhythm and conduction disorders, severe arterial hypertension and its complications, acute and chronic heart failure.

The department has a functional sector with the possibility of a complete non-invasive instrumental evaluation of the cardiac function by performing highly specialized researches such as:

• Work ECG sample / veloergometry /

• Holter ECG monitoring

• Doppler of peripheral vessels

• Echocardiography, including transesophageal.


The laboratory of the AVIS MEDICA Multispecialty Hospital offers the opportunity to study all haematological and biochemical blood tests necessary for comprehensive diagnosis and follow-up of the effect of the applied treatment.