The ward has 10 beds in luxury rooms with air conditioning, private bathroom and modern, functional equipment. All the patients have a free access to cable TV and wireless internet

The newly discovered ENT operating theater is equipped with modern equipment and the complete set of tools for all types of surgical interventions.

• Face-removal operations of skin and other tumors, cosmetic adjustments of the nose and ears.
• Oral and tongue operations.
• Tonsillitis - traditionally and bloodless.
• Operations to improve nasal breathing and nasal polyps.
• Snoring adjustment operations.
• Endomicroscopic operations of a throat - removing polyps, nodes and small tumors of the vocal cords.
• Removing foreign bodies from the nose, ears, swallow and esophagus.
• Neck operations - removal of enlarged lymph nodes, cysts and tumors incl. throat tumors, laryngectomy, total and partial.
• Plastic perforated eardrum.
• Diseases of salivary glands.
• Operations in diseases of the salivary glands.