The endocrinology ward of Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment „Avis Medica” has 10 beds at its patients’ disposal. It operates by contract with the National Health Insurance Fund on the clinical pathways of Decompensated diabetes mellitus and Metabolic disorder also covering patients in pre-diabetic condition.

“Avis Medica” Diagnostic Consultative Centre operates an endocrinology consultation office for patients with diabetes condition and metabolic disorders who are given referral for hospitalization if necessary.

The ward applies the whole range of modern treatment methods of insulin therapy and oral administration as well as complication treatment medicine. All kinds of medical specialists applying modern treatment regimens are available to patients.

The endocrinology ward has equipped a Training centre for patients with diabetic condition where they acquire special skills for working with technical aids as well as self-control techniques and receive instructions for a lifestyle change including eating habits and motor activity.

To serve its patients diagnostic needs, the ward  has modern ultrasound equipment for thyroid and surface structure tests as well as Doppler blood vessels diagnostic.