The gastroenterological department of the AVIS MEDICA Multispecialty Hospital has 10 beds. There are two doctors specializing in internal diseases and gastroenterology. There is a contract with NHIF on clinical pathways related to diseases of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, colon, liver and biliary tract and pancreas. The endoscopic section of the compartment is equipped with a high-resolution, latest-generation video-telescope Pentax and the ability to document the results of the research as well as diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations. The endoscopic sector has everything it takes for an operational endoscopy that is mainly used in the treatment of benign neoplasms of the stomach and colon. The Image Diagnostic Sector of the Gastroenterology Department is equipped with high-quality ultrasonography "Fouqueda" with abdominal ultrasound transcripts and surface structures that have the capability of exploring motorway and peripheral blood vessels by Doppler triplex.


In this sector, small needle biopsies are performed under ultrasound surveillance of changes in parenchymal abdominal organs as well as therapeutic manipulations in the treatment of liver cysts of different origins.