The philosophy of people working at the Medical imaging Ward of Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment “Avis Medica is totally patient-oriented. We consider patient care our primary responsibility with all our medical examinations being interpreted by imaging specialist. It is our ambition and task to ensure that, when leaving the ward, every patient gets their test results and a consultation with one of our specialists.

The doctors working there have a recognized “Medical imaging” specialization.

The Medical imaging ward is part of the hospital structure and an operational unit within the Diagnostic consultative center.

The ward is the working place of highly qualified specialists serving the needs of different type of patients:

  • accepted for inpatient hospital treatment
  • having received consultation at one of our special offices for emergency and planned intake
  • patients who have paid by price lists validated by  the hospital manager.

A high-quality diagnostic process is provided 24 hours a day.

The medical imaging ward consists of two sectors- “ Radiology” Sector and “ Computer tomography “ Sector

The ward performs:

  • Computer tomography
  • all conventional X-ray tests- scopic and graphic
  • contrast examination of the gastrointestinal tract
  • highly specialized tests- contrast examination of the urinary excretory system
  • intraoperative cholangiocholescistographies
  • intraoperativе imaging of the locomotory system 
  • Fistulography and ductography
  • Mammary echography