In the Neonatal Unit newborn infants receive most advanced prophylactic examination, diagnosing and treatment:

-high-quality primary neonatal resuscitation

-advanced care for healthy and high-risk newborn infants

-assisted ventilation

-long-term care and treatment of prematurely born infants and other high-risk newborns

-programme for early detection of hearing loss provided to all newborn infants

-non-invasive screening of neonatal jaundice - transcutaneous bilirubinometry

-options for conservative and invasive treatment of neonatal jaundice

-expectant mothers training course ' Taking care of my newborn child'

-no separation of mother and baby

- newborn screening for critical congenital heart disease using pulse oximetry

The Neonatal Unit is located on the second floor of the hospital, together with the Maternity Unit. It consists of 2 sections:

-Section for healthy children based on the principle of decentralisation 'Mother/Child'

-Section for high-risk infants

The Unit is equipped with up-to-date technology /neonatal incubators, a neonatal ventilator, monitors, photo lamps, infusion technology/ and is certified as second degree of competence

The Unit is closely linked to all other clinical units in the multi-specialist hospital and uses the consultative help of highly-qualified specialists – a pediatric cardiologist, an orthopedist, a surgeon an ENT specialist, kinesiotherapist, etc.

Mothers, who learn for the first time about maintaining their newborn baby's hygiene and about the technique of breastfeeding, are provided with all sorts of amenities during their stay at the hospital.

 Your child's first vaccines are given here

Training courses for expectant mothers are set up in the Unit. Hospital admission is based on the principle of 'no separation of mother and baby'

It is our priority to support and encourage breastfeeding.