Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment „Avis Medica” is one of the first three private hospitals in Bulgaria with an oncology ward. For the first time this year it administers medicines financed by the National Health Insurance Fund. Up to now they were paid by the Ministry of Health which involved heavy auction and procurement procedures. That used to cause lack or delay in medicine supply which in turn led to patients’ therapy corruption. The new supply procedure will ensure monthly medicine payment depending on the therapy applied to every single patient.

Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment „Avis Medica” is one of the first private medical facilities in Bulgaria in the field of medicament treatment of solid tumors consisting of chemotherapy, target therapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy and bisphosphonata treatment of tumors localized in breast, lungs, colon and rectum, anus, prostate, ovary, cervix, stomach, esophagus, kidneys, bladder, liver, gall, pancreas, testicles, brain, pharynx, larynxs, Kaposi etc. The specialized treatment of malignant tumors is leading and free for health insured patients.

It is a main priority to shorten the period of time from diagnoses to chemotherapy as well as from operation to the adequate subsequent therapy.

The whole procedure of processing, medication prescription and treatment is carried out in the same place which facilitates the healing process.

The ward has 10 beds in luxury rooms with air conditioning, private bathroom and modern, functional equipment. All the patients have a free access to cable TV and wireless internet.