In February 2012 MHAT “Avis Medica” opened a modern therapeutic-restorative physiotherapy. One of the latest methods for diagnostics and treatment are applied here using extremely advanced medical equipment – low and high frequency magneto therapy, laser therapy as well as a collagen therapy apparatus - for pain syndrome and cosmetic treatment.

The highly qualified staff- a physiotherapist, kinesitherapist and two ergotherapists take care of patients with the following conditions:

 - Locomotory system disease- arthrosis, tendinaginitis, periarthritis etc.

 - Locomotory system traumas – post-fracture conditions, distorsion etc.

 - ENT diseases- rhinitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis etc.

 - Diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system- disc herniations, plexitis, radiculitis, peripheral nerves paresis etc.

 - Conditions after cerebral infarction

 - Spinal curvatures in children- scoliosis and kyphosis

 - Treatment of difficult to heal wounds


In the physiotherapy sector there is a modern kinesitherapy gymnasium equipped for individual and group sessions in remedial, analytical and special gymnastics.