Hospital Admission

Multispecialty Hospital 'AVIS MEDICA' has signed a contract with the National Health Insuarance Fund (NHIF)

To be treated under clinical pathways at Multispecialty Hospital ' AVIS MEDICA' you need to have valid health insurance and you need to be given hospital referral. The latter  can be issued either by your GP(dentist) , by a specialist, or by the doctor at the Diagnostic and Consultation Block of our hospital, if there are indications for hospitalization and if clinical pathways have been adopted for the disease. The hospital referral is valid for 30 days so you need to present for examination at the Diagnostic and Consultation Block of the hospital before this period expires. In case planned hospitalisation is impossible due to lack of hospital beds for example, a waiting list, which includes all patients who are to be admitted to the hospital except for emergency cases,  is drawn up. Insured patients who are on the waiting list are given a number and a date for admission.

If you have already done outpatient tests prior to your admission to the hospital, they could  be used. If your treating physician thinks that they are not enough, you will be tested again in the hospital.

On admission you have to present an ID card and  bring slippers, towels, toilerties and underwear.

For each day of hospital treatment you will be required to pay only a user fee in the amount of 2% of the national minimum wage. If your condition requires you to stay in the hospital for more than 10 days within the same year, you will not be required to pay the user fee for your stay after the tenth day. You do not have to pay if you are a fee-exempted patient due to a disease.

For further information on user fee exemption refer to the website of the NHIF:  , under the rubric 'National Framework Contract' .

Treatment under any clinical pathway includes two follow-up visits with treating physician after you have been discharged from hospital.

You are required to present your discharge summary issued by the hospital to your General Practitioner as they will continue to watch closely for changes in your health condition.