Виртуална колоноскопия

Virtual colonoscopy is a fundamentally new technology for colon testing, early diagnostics
and timely treatment of colorectal cancer.
It has been an essential part of the range of services offered by leading clinics since 2000.
This resulted from the invention of a new generation of scanners based on a multi-detector
The high resolution and scanning speed when using high resolution scanning technique gives
the opportunity to get high quality images
The powerful post processing makes it possible to get a virtual image of the whole colon and
to do the so-called “flying inside the lumen”
Our working station is equipped with software for an automatic evaluation and change
detection of the intestinal wall.
The sequential scanning of the patient in back and abdomen positions as well as the
mandatory use of spiral contrast scanning gives a lot of crucial information about the disease
process and the degree of intestinal wall engagement.
An additional advantage of the technology is the early diagnosis of changes in other near or
distant organs (for example liver changes and changes in the retroperitoneal lymphatic chains)
Over 80% of the colon cancer cases are based on preceding colon polyposis.

Early diagnosis of polyps larger than 10mm and their removal by the use of fibrocolonoscopy
is an essential step aimed at cancer prevention.
The unquestionable method advantages are the following:
    * high sensitivity and specificity
    * minimal invasion
    * low irradiation
The method has only one drawback- the need for accurate and thorough colon cleansing.
That makes it obligatory to observe a two-day diet under a restricting food intake regimen.
Taking into consideration the indisputable benefits of this examination method, the
inconvenience in question is absolutely negligible.
To conduct an informative examination it is essential to cleanse the colon in advance. In cases
of incomplete cleansing there is a risk of incorrect interpretation of food residues as
pathological changes,
What you need to do:
1. Two days prior the examination you should take two Fortrans packets dissolved in two
litres of water and take 250 ml every 15-20 minutes. Avoid food rich in cellulose.
2The day before the examination you should take only clear liquids- clear broth (without any
pieces of vegetables or meat), clear juice, tea and coffee with no milk.
3. At about 2 pm in the day of examination the patient takes a vial of X-prep. And they should
drink no less than 2 litres of water before the evening.
4. On the day of the examination the patient is not allowed to eat but, if necessary, they can
have only a glass of clear, sweetened liquid.
If any questions should arise, don’t hesitate to contact the doctors working at the imaging
Dr. Tz. Baltova: 0889521715
Dr. I. Vasilev: 0887332209