Pediatric consultation Pediatric consultation is performed during different periods for 1-year old babies; those beginning to walk from 1 to 2 years of age, and the children from 2 to 7 years of age is an integral part of the reception room activity. Pediatric consultation - accents The frequency of prophylactic examinations and consultations according to the medical pediatric standard is recommended to be, as follows: – with children up to 1-year old – every month – with children from 1 to 2-year old – every 3 months – with children from 2 to 7-year old – every 6 months During the pediatric consultation, the following medical procedures are carried out: – observation and assessment of the physical and neural-psychical development of the child in accordance with his/her age (a thorough examination, measuring the height, weight, and head measurement, general assessment of sight and hearing) – giving instructions for rational feeding, observation and assessment of their implementation – enhancement of protective resources of child’s organism through monitoring the proper hygiene regimen of bringing up, giving advice about performance of fitness procedures, giving instructions for carrying out recommended immunizations – diagnostic-remedial activities, including laboratory tests, as well – follow-up examinations aiming at monitoring the child’s condition and the effect from the administered treatment