Otorhinolaryngology is a medical specialty, dealing with diagnosing and treatment of the external, middle, and internal ear, nasal disorders, and disorders of the throat. The most frequent disorders of the ears are inflammations of the external and middle ear, and in case of failure to perform a timely treatment, these inflammations may also affect the internal ear and lead to loss of hearing. With nasal disorders, most frequent are cases of rhinopharyngitisas well as, congenital and  traumatic deviations (deformations) of the nasal septum.

Anginas are the most frequent throat disorders, which, however, in case of improper treatment can lead to serious damages of a number of internal organs.

Otorhinolaryngology specialists at “Avis Medica” DCC, perform all the examinations, audiograms, administer all laboratory and microbiological tests and in case of need, they also perform surgical interventions. All operations at “Avis Medica” MPHAT are performed under general anesthesia, which does not traumatize the patient’s psyche, mostly that of children.