Homeopathy is a method of treatment, which complies with the uniqueness and individuality of each person.

The purpose is to stimulate the natural remedial reactions of the body through use of medications with high rarefaction, which unrarefied would cause symptoms, similar to those of the illness. The medications used are of vegetable, mineral, and animal origin, produced in a strictly determined manner. Exactly which medication is specified for the concrete complaint and at what level of rarefaction, is administered by a physician-homeopath after a detailed discussion with the patient and in conformity with his/her aggregate of illnesses, type of suffering, temperament, lifestyle, habits, stress, sensitiveness.

By means of homeopathy, acute and chronic disorders are treated with patients of all ages. By means of homeopathic prophylaxis, the acute viral disorders during the autumnal-winter period run less severe, children and adults being frequently ill can reduce the periods of being ill and out of work. Seasonal allergies can become more tolerable and those suffering from such a disorder will not room-bound because of the pollens. The healing of traumata is faster and painless. With children, pregnant and breastfeeding women often many drugs are contraindicative and with them, homeopathy is an alternative for treatment.

Baby problems, such as colics, growth of teeth, infantile fears and teenage problems are also subject to that method of treatment.

Treatment with homeopathy cannot replace the conventional medical treatment of tumor disorders, diabetes mellitus, chronic decompensated conditions, degenerative joint disorders, etc., but can be included as supplemental treatment.