Since November 2018, the completely reconstructed and renovated Image Diagnostics Ward has officially begun to function on the territory of “Avis Medica” DCC. The same has been positioned on the ground floor of the building, whereupon, two reception rooms have been reorganized, as well as, two physicians’ reception rooms and new rooms for the convectional roentgenographic apparatus, a roSeparately a room for osteodensitometry has been detached. Completely renovated is the apparatus, purchased from General Electric Inc.

The new roentgen and mammographic apparatus are in conformity with the requirements for radiation safety, fully digitalized and allowing the highest level of diagnosing.

The basic branches of Image Diagnostics, included in the activity:

- Urogenital Image  Diagnostics

- Musculoskeletal Image  Diagnostics

- Thoracic Image  Diagnostics

- -Cardiovascular Image  Diagnostics

- Pediatric Image  Diagnostics

- -Neuroroentgenology

- Image  Diagnostics of Mammal Gland

The ward has at its disposal also a magnetic resonance Signa Explorer 1,5 Т manufactured by General Electric Inc. with vast software capabilities for testing the Nervous, Musculoskeletal, and Gall & Liver Systems. Particular attention deserves the performance of multi-parameter magnetic resonance of the prostate gland for the most-accurate diagnostics of malignant lesions.

A last generation 128-slices computed tomography has been mounted – Revolution Evo, manufactured by  General Electric Inc. The apparatus has special software capabilities for reduction of the radiation load and high resolution computed tomography of lungs. This feature provides the opportunity for screening for early detection of lung cancer. We continue the tradition, however, with the newest software, in the diagnostics of the colon – virtual colonoscopy; dental scanner in Implantology; all types of angiographic tests. All apparatus are connected in a PACS system, which provides the opportunity for storing the images and monitoring the effect from treatment. The specialists at the Image Diagnostics Ward have attended and completed the necessary courses in Image Diagnostics and training sessions for good medical practice. It is only our team that follows the principle of telemedicine and is in a constant contact with the specialist at the Image Diagnostics Ward of “St. Ivan Rilski” University Hospital – Sofia.