Our specialized Pediatric reception room – accents

Neonatology and Pediatrics reception room at „Avis Medica“ DCC was established in 2007


For the comfort of the babies and their parents, we created a reception room with a unique atmosphere, in which each of our small patients is examined and taken care of in a competent manner. Welcome to the unique environment of this reception room, where under the gentle care and attention of Dr. Gencheva, your baby will receive a specialized consultation. The health care, provided at the reception room, includes:

–      ambulatory monitoring of the children born at the Neonatology Ward – follow-up examinations within the first month after delivery

–      diagnostics and out-of-hospital treatment of breastfeeding age disorders – gaining control over acute viral and bacterial infections, allergic rhinitis, digestive disorders, baby colics, anemia, and other most frequent illnesses in breastfeeding age

–      administration of laboratory tests in a volume depending on the working diagnosis  - hematological, biochemical, microbiological, parasitological, serological, etc.

–      Follow-up examination, for the purpose of monitoring the child’s status, the illness, and the effect of the applied treatment

–      assistance in case of hospitalization of the child and monitoring the case in support of the parents

–      information and advice about rational feeding of the suckling and exceptional breastfeeding, feeding a nursing baby and the transition from milk-only diet to introduction of non-milk foodstuffs.