At the Medical Oncology reception room at “Avis Medica” DCC, primary and consultative examinations are carried out of patients above the age of 18, having malignant solid tumors.

Carried out are:

1. Interpretations of results from:

а) complete blood count, differential blood count;

b) histological and cytological examinations of materials from a solid tumor, bone marrow, exudations in serous cavities;

c) immunohistochemical and immunocytological examinations;

d) cytogenetic and molecular-genetic examination;

e) image diagnostic tests.

2. Consultation of the patients in case of need with specialists in other medical specialties.

3. Directing of patients having malignant solid tumors to a clinical oncological commission (oncological committee) for determination of a final diagnosis, stage, and therapeutic strategy.

4. Administration of examinations necessary for re-staging and monitoring the effect from the treatment performed.

5. Administration of endocrine therapy for home treatment.