Dr Andreev, the owner of the first private hospital in Pleven - AVIS MEDICA.

Dr Andreev, the owner of the first private hospital in Pleven - AVIS MEDICA.

Dr. Andreev, what innovations does DCC ' Avis Medica' offer and what does your plan for improving the medical services in the region include?

-Our goal is to create a modern diagnostic centre matching not only the best ones in Europe but also in the world.  In many Western European countries there are private  diagnostic imaging centres equipped with state-of-the-art technology  and providing a highly accurate diagnosis of diseases, which is a prerequisite for their successful treatment. We are creating a big unit for diagnostic imaging. That is why on the ground floor at the expanded Diagnostic and Consultation Centre 'Avis Medica'  are located mainly the facilities for diagnostic imaging. A nuclear magnetic resonance imaging device ,Signa Explorer, has been installed and has been used for nearly two months. The apparatus is a top-of-the-range model of General Electric'  with 1,5 Tesla magnetic field. With the opening of the new building 5 new ultrasound devices (echographs) were purchased, each of them specially designed to serve particular purposes, which allows doctors to make more precise diagnosis.

 The range of services we offer has also been expanded as new practices have been opened : in psychiatry, oncogynecology, neonatology and forensic medicine. 

Another goal we have set is related to the introduction of new tried and tested treatment practices. For two months we have been using the newest laser apparatus manufactured  by 'Fotona' which has a wide spectrum of application in a range of medical specialties such as gynecology, aesthetic medicine, ENT, etc. For the first time in Bulgaria the 'Dolce' method has been applied in DCC ' Avis Medica' where there is a music centre for children with autism. The method has been used since September, 2016 by Dr. Angelina Gencheva , a neonatologist and pediatrician, who is an official member of the Association APTE and a  certified teacher of the ' Dolce' method.

Tell us more about the advantages of the state-of-the-art nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus.

It has all the necessary software for conducting all types of routine and highly specialized tests. The new technologies the device features allow not only imaging of anatomical structures but also a functional examination of the brain and its activity. It also makes it possible to differentiate between benign and malignant processes. The equipment, which permits to examine inherited metabolic disorders,  is one-of-a-kind in the region. The availability of the newest perfusion software allows for a detailed evauation of prostate, rectal  and brain cancer as well as diagnosing of all types of brain  vessel diseases. The apparatus features one-of-a-kind newly developed  quiet examination technology , which reduces significantly noise levels and takes patients' comfort to a new level.  A new stereo system specially designed for nuclear magnetic resonance devices is also available to the patients, who apart from being able to choose the music they listen to  , receive feedback from the doctor during the examination.

What other state-of -the-art  equipment is available at DCC 'Avis Medica'?

The only osteodensitometer DEXA ( a device for measuring the density of bone tissue) in Easter Europe is available at DCC 'Avis Medica'. It makes it possible to detect  osteoporosis in its early stages. The apparatus determines the stages of the disease and which areas have been affected with exceptional precision.

Are you going to continue investing in equipment next year?

We are to purchase a new computed tomography apparatus (a CT scanner) in 2018, which will also be available in the new building, while the one we already have will be used only for in-patients. We are also to replace our X-ray apparatus and mammograph with the newest models.